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Good Practices

No Stones left Unturned

A look into how the DEO of West Singhbhum and his team used every possible way to spread voter awareness and increase voter turnout.

In the winter of 2014, the district of West Singhbhum and its electors were inching day by day closer to the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly Elections. The previous elections had documented a voter turnout that was as low as 45%. The district is geographically remote, poorly connected and densely forested.   

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Holding hands to bring about a change

50,000 youngsters come together to form the longest human chain in Jalandhar
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Maharashtra celebrates International Women’s Day with registration drive

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True to its name: Hoshiarpur

How Hoshiarpur's Mascot and a famous online icon encouraged 7,000 new electors from the district to enrol.
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Assam uses Mascots to motivate people to participate in elections

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Special Registration drive for the Third Gender

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